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Our team offers the services you need to keep your radiator in working order.

Professional Gas Tank Repairs in Langley

Whether it’s leaking or damaged, our skilled technicians can transform that old corroded fuel tank to new again both inside and out. Choose Diamond Radiator Ltd.  for professional gas tank repairs in Langley, the Lower Mainland, and the Fraser Valley. We are your one-stop shop for all kinds of gas tank repairs. Our gas tank repair service is much more affordable compared to buying a brand new tank.


We first give the tanks an acid bath to flush out any rust and debris and then an optional coating is applied to the inside to prevent any further corrosion. We repair steel and aluminum fuel tanks. No worries if you require a custom-sized tank, we can manufacture those too!


Benefits of Gas Tank Repairs

Gas tank maintenance is vital for successful gas storage. Benefits of monitoring and maintenance of gas tanks are:


  • Fuel is properly vented:  Keeping your gas tank clean ensures the fuel is properly vented while the engine is in operation.
  • Prevents fuel contamination:  A dirty gas tank poses a number of serious risks that cannot be ignored. Dirty fuel will cause harm to an engine because of contamination picked up in the gas tank.
  • Reduced risk of leakage: Corrosion can lead to fuel leaking into the tank, which can cause a safety hazard. Professional cleaning helps prevent this and will return a gas tank to its best condition possible, leading to clean fuel and reduced risks of leakage.
  • Helps get of old fuel:  If the machine has not been in use for a long time, there is a possibility that old fuel was left inside. Old fuel will often change into a thick sludge that will become difficult to remove later. Regular cleaning will help removing this old fuel.


Get in touch with us if you are looking for gas tank repairs services in Langley!

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