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If you need to convert an old radiator from plastic/aluminum to copper/brass or need a custom radiator built for that vintage car, then let our skilled technicians build you a new replacement. We take care of the whole process from the computer-assisted drawings to manufacturing to final assembly. Our team at Diamond Radiator Ltd. creates custom radiators in Langley for the surrounding areas from Whistler to Chilliwack and back.

We have amassed an extensive library of thousands of radiator specification sheets that are sure to match what you need. If your design is unique or you require a custom design, then our experts will transform your sample into a CAD drawing from which technicians can manufacture your new unit. All custom completes are available in copper, brass, steel, and aluminum.


Our custom design and manufacturing process ensures that the finished radiator fits and performs in our customer’s application without needing any modification or additional equipment. 


Why Do Cars Need Radiators?


The radiator is one of the most misunderstood automotive components as it works differently than a home radiator. While a home radiator is used to warm up the surroundings, a car radiator is designed to transfer heat from the hot coolant that flows through it. In simple words, a radiator is used to help keep the engine cool.  During operation, the engine’s moving parts create friction, which produces heat. This heat can be enough to cause damage to the engine if not cooled properly. A radiator in this case will divert this heat and protects the engine. 
Our team also repairs and re-cores radiators of any style and size. We also repair gas tanks, fabricate custom completes and radiator tanks.  
Get in touch with us if you are looking for custom radiators in Langley. You can also call us at 604-253-1311 to get the custom radiator you need. 

CAD Drawing
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