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Radiator Repair and Re-coring Services for Surrey

What is Re-Coring?

Re-coring is the process of taking the existing unit, removing the tanks, and attaching them to a new core. This eliminates all the failure points due to weakened joints, corrosion, or damage to the core. By reusing the existing tanks, we save you money over buying a brand-new unit. Old or discontinued cores aren’t a problem since we can replace a core of just about any style or size. We can even upgrade your core to one that is better than the original. Diamond Radiator Ltd. proudly offers re-coring services from Langley to the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley.

What Are the Different Types of Cores?

There are 2 distinctive types of cores: flat fin design and the serpentine design. While the flat fin design is much stronger, the serpentine design offers better cooling. Both types of cores come with different tube size and FPI (fins per inch). No matter the design, we can recommend fin styles and tube types to maximize your cooling power needs.

We are the only shop in British Columbia that manufactures new cores on site. It means quicker turnaround times and cheaper prices. In fact, we even fabricate cores for other radiator shops. We re-core radiators for companies across B.C. including Coast Mountain Bus Company, B.C. Hydro, Finning Power, Cullen Western Star, Pacific Coach Lines and Metro-Vancouver.

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